Carbon Fiber Plate

Carbon fiber pultrusion material is the continuous fiber bundle, belt or cloth impregnated with resin glue liquid, under the action of traction, through extrusion mold forming, curing, continuous production of unlimited length, uniform shape of the section of composite material.

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Main Features

  • Low density, light weight: density is only 1/5 of steel.
  • High strength and elastic modulus and excellent impact resistance: tensile strength is 8-10 times of steel, and elasticity can recover to 100%.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, low long-term creep.
  • Excellent fatigue resistance.
  • Fully automated production, high efficiency.
  • 80% Fiber content enables very high strength.
  • Less waste, saving materials, energy, and labor.
  • Stable quality and good repeatable performance. Any length is theoretically available.


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