Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Prepreg

Carbon fiber prepreg is a semi-cured prepreg fabric made of carbon fiber yarn, resin matrix, release paper, and other materials through the coating, hot pressing, cooling, film covering, winding, and other processes. The prepreg needs to be stored at low temperature and can be cured to form composite material products only by laying layers and heating and pressing according to the process. Products are widely used in fishing tackle, pressure vessels, sports equipment, sporting goods, aviation and aerospace, and other fields, and also have enormous advantages in aspects of military application.

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Product Features

High strength, low density: Carbon fiber prepregs can be 6-12 times as strong as steel and a quarter as dense Good plasticity: can be made into any shape depending on customers ’specifications,easy to shape and process Corrosion resistance, long service life.

Product Specifications

MODELFiber modulusFiber surface densityresin contentPrepreg densitythicknesswidth
( g/m2 )( % )( g/m2 )( mm )( mm )
USN03024TON3042520. 0351000
USN05424TON5438870. 061000
USN07524TON75321100. 081000
USNlOO24TON100321470. 101000
USN12524TON125321840. 131000
USN15024TON150322200. 151000
USN17524TON175322 570. 171000
USN20024TON200322940. 21000
UIN05430TON5438870. 061000
UIN07530TON75301070. 081000
UINlOO30TON100251330. 101000
UIN12530TON125251670.  1251000
UIN15030TON150252000. 141000
UHN05440TON5438870. 061000
UHN07540TON75301070. 081000
UHNlOO40TON100251330. 11000
UHN12540TON125251670. 1251000
UHN15040TON150252000. 141000


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