Melamine Cyanurate (MC) Flame Retardant for Composite Materials

MC-series flame retardants are eco-friendly non-halogen flame retardants that have exceptional resistance to heat (>300 ℃) and water, whose properties lead to almost unlimited application to various resins.
They are characterized by excellent flame retardation when they are used in such nitrogen-containing resins as polyamides and polyurethanes; and they can highly increase flame-retardation capability when they are used with phosphorous-based or inorganic flame retardants.

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Product Specifications

Product Group Melamine Cyanurate
(Conventional use)
Melamine Cyanurate
(Electronic use)
Melamine Cyanurate
(Water based use)
Product MC-110 MC-130 MS-130P MS-1020
CAS No. 37640-57-6
Appearance fine, white, crystalline powder White slurry
Specific gravity(g/㎤) 1.7 1.14
Bulk density(g/ml) 0.3 -
Particle size (D50%, ㎛) 3-5(Avg.) <2
Surface treatment PVA Stearic acid PVA
Characteristics Hydrophilic surface Hydrophobic surface Hydrophobic surface
Ion-free grade
Extremely low conductivity
Hardly settled 
narrow particle
size distribution
Applications Polar resin 
such as PA, PU
non-Polar resin 
such as PE, PP, PS
Electronic part 
such as EMC, PCB
Water based adhesives

Product Advantage

  • Display excellent resistance to heat (>300℃) and discoloration.
  • Have good waterproofness and moisture resistance (little or no chances of absorbing moisture even during the rainy season).
  • Exhibit exceptional flame retardation in resins that contain nitrogen such as nylon polymers (polyamides) and urethanes.
  • Produce good flame retardation in thermosetting resins such as epoxy and UPRs.
  • Are suitable for applications that require good electric properties.
  • Especially, MC-130P contains an extremely low amount of impurity and thus is ideal for application to electronic parts.
  • MS-1020 is a water-soluble slurry of very fine particles that does not cause any precipitation problems, whose property enables easy application to EPS (expanded polystyrene) and non-woven fabrics when they are mixed with water-based adhesives


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