AHP Flame Retardant for Composite Materials

It’s a new type of inorganic phosphorus flame retardant that is slightly soluble in water, not easily volatile, and has high phosphorus content and good thermal stability. After added it to product, which has high flame retardancy, strong thermal stability, excellent mechanical and weather resistance, etc.

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Product Specifications

Product Model AHP Flame Retardant for Composite Materials
Appearance White Powder
Phosphorus (wt%) 35-40
Water (wt%) ≤0.3
Particle Size (D50%, ㎛)(wt%) 10-20
Bulk Density(g/l) >400
Density(g/cm³) ~1.25
Decomposition Temperature(℃) ≥260


  • Mainly used for flame retardant modification of PBT, PET, PA, TPU, and ABS, with the appropriate addition of stabilizer and coupling agent, and compounding with other phosphorus nitrogen flame retardants.
  • Applied in the field of thermoplastic polyurethane and TPE wire, playing a role in flame retardancy through char formation and gaseous phase flame-retardant mechanism.
  • After AHP flame retardant is added to TPU or TPE, which are used for power cables, communication cables, geological exploration cables, auto cables, etc.


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