Carbon Fiber Sheet 1k Plain Weave

Carbon fiber is 7-10 times stronger than steel of the same section, and its mass is about 1/5 of that of steel. Have high strength, light quality, simple and convenient construction (superior resin impregnation, easy except bubble, excellent work, the bale is compact, lightweight, can wrap, portable, paste the randomness of the concave and convex surface adhesion and good enough for cutting along the direction of the carbon fiber filaments not messy), the features of corrosion resistance, is a landmark of reinforcement materials, Has the traditional reinforcement material incomparable superiority.
The carbon fiber reinforcement method is currently used in the United States, Japan, and Europe, and other advanced countries for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels, buildings, and another advanced engineering method is carbon fiber sheet and supporting special adhesive to form a composite material, firmly paste on the surface of the concrete structure, In order to enhance the bearing capacity of the structure, reduce the deformation disturbance of the structure, and increase its safety and durability.

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