MC-A Flame Retardant for Composite Materials

MC-A flame retardant is a type of additive flame retardant, synthesized from melamine and cyanuric acid at a certain temperature, eco-friendly halogen-free nitrogen flame retardant, especially for composite materials.
It’s Non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless, with a high decomposition temperature (stable at 300 ℃), not only good flame retardancy, but a small amount of smoke during processing, good compatibility with polymer materials, and no surface migration phenomenon.
MC-A flame retardant is easy to disperse due to hydrophilic surface, suitable for flame retardancy in polymer materials such as epoxy resin, organosilicon, polyester, etc.
MC-A flame retardant has compounded with OPA series in a certain formula ratio to form a new phosphorus ammonia halogen-free flame retardant. Through a synergistic effect of phosphorus and nitrogen, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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Product Specifications

Product Model MC-A Flame Retardant for Composite Materials
Appearance Fine-white, crystalline powder
melamine cyanurate (%) ≥99.5
Water (wt%) ≤0.2
Particle Size (D50%, ㎛) 3-5(Avg.)
Residual Melamine(g/l) <0.1
Residual Cyanuric Acid(g/l) ≤0.2
Whiteness(R457) ≥95.0
pH(10g/L) 5.0-7.0
Decomposition Temperature(℃) ≥350
Character Hydrophilic Surface
Application Thermosetting resins, such as epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane

Product Advantage

  • Excellent resistance to heat (>300℃) and discoloration.
  • Hydrophilic surface is easy to disperse.
  • Good waterproofness and moisture resistance (little or no chance of absorbing moisture even during the rainy season).
  • Exceptional flame retardancy in thermosetting resins such as epoxy and UPR.
  • Good electrical performance is suitable for application which requires insulation.


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