OMP Flame Retardant for Composite Materials

OMP-series flame retardants are formed from aluminum diethyl phosphinate, a compound that belongs to the family of eco-friendly phosphorus-based flame retardants, that displays excellent water resistance and high decomposition temperature, whose properties are suitable to make flame-resistant such resins as PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) and PAs (Polyamides) which require high temperatures in their processing.
Furthermore, this product is halogen-free flame retardant; yet, it has the same gas-phase flame retardation mechanism as most other halogen type flame retardants so that it exhibits excellent flame-retardant effects in almost all resins.

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Product Specifications

Product Line Surface Modified Aluminum phosphinate
Product Name OMP-800 OMP-900 OMP-1101 OMP-2101 OMP-8050
Appearance Fine, White crystalline powder Slurry(White)
Phosphorus (wt%) 23-24 23-24 16-17 16-17 12.0 ± 0.5
Density (g/㎤) 1.1-1.2 1.1-1.2 about 1.3 about 1.6 about 1.0
Bulk density (kg/m3) 200-300 400-600 about 300 300-400  
Thermal decomposition
(℃) (1% loss)/th>
> 330 ℃ > 330 ℃ > 300 ℃ > 330 ℃  
(D50%, ㎛) about 5 10-40 2-4 3-4 1-2
(D98%, ㎛) about 15 < 70 15-18 17-20  
pH (5% slurry, at 20℃) 3~6 3~6 3~6 3~6 3~6
Water/moisture (wt%) 0.2 (Max.) 0.2 (Max.) 0.4 (Max.) 0.5 (Max.) about 50
Water Solubility (20℃)
0.3 (Max.) 0.3 (Max.) 0.3 (Max.) 0.3 (Max.)  

thermoset resin

Epoxy laminated for PCB

Water/solvent Bone coating

TPU, Polyamide, PBT, PET,Epoxy, Unsaturated Polyester

High temperature polyamide compounding

Glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced for Engineering Plastics

Thermoplastic compounding

Thermoplastic elastomer such as TPU and TPE-E for cable

Glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced for PET, PBT compounds

High temperature Polyamide compounding

Glass fiber reinforced and unreinforced for Polyamide compounds.

TPU cable

Artificial leather

Water borne coating and adhesive

Product Advantage

  • Exhibit exceptional high heat resistance (possible under processing conditions of more than 300℃)
  • No smell, proof-discoloration
  • Superior thermostability resisting more than 330℃
  • Excellent flame retardancy in the most resins PE, PP, PS, PET, PBT, TPU, PA, etc.
  • Achieve high synergies when in combination with various flame retardants
  • Give rise to little change in their specific gravity due to small porosity when they are added to polymers
  • Result in high dispersibility in various resins thanks to our proprietary coating technology


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